Senna Wellness Retreat - Nourish | Rest | Empower

Senna Wellness Retreat is not only a basic resort but also offers special therapeutic experiences exclusively for customers, with the aim of supporting in accordance with the criteria "Nourishing the mind - Peace of mind - Regenerating energy". Give your customers the best experience.

Senna is located on Ong Tu hill with an area of over 5 hectares, bustling Bac Ninh city center, convenient for fun activities, dining and visiting famous tourist attractions.

A Good Stop

Senna Wellness Retreat – Nourish | Rest | Empower is honored to be the ideal stopover for you in every journey to find your mind and heal your soul with the sacred land of Kinh Bac full of cultural identity from thousands of years old.

Away from the city's smog, Senna Wellness Retreat is located on an isolated hill, green space with potted plants, meticulously cared for ancient trees, with a panoramic view of the whole city, promising to bring you a wonderful experience. Give your customers the most complete experience.

Visitors to Bac Ninh not only visit spiritual tourism, learn about culture, but also enjoy the fresh air and scenery on the high hills, combined with health care, restoring energy for people. self.

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